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Iv nutrition

IV nutrition
Taylor Wright, APRN, FNP-C

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Tri immune boost

Tri-Immune Boost
Injection - $30

supports cell functions and immune system, plays a role in development and function of immune system, protects host immune cells


Get Up & Go - $135

improves energy levels, reduces fatigue and muscle soreness, replenishes electrolytes, improves overall health and well being, helps prevent illness


Glutathione - $120

powerful antioxidant that's capable of preventing damage to cellular components, aids in detoxification, boosts immune system


Quench - $135

improves energy levels, supports immune system, reduces inflammation, improves skin appearance, overall detoxification of the body 


Immunity - $135

boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, boosts energy levels, gives a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, speeds up the recovery process from an illness or injury

Performance and Recovery

Performance & Recovery - $150

improves energy levels, faster recovery times, increases endurance, strengthens immune system, improves concentration

Myers blend

Myers - $175

the boss of overall wellness, boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue, supports overall health and wellbeing, strengthens immune system, improves mental clarity and focus, relieves stress, anxiety and depression


IV Consult - $50
without infusion

Meet with Taylor to assess your goals and discuss your lifestyle to help you decide which IV is best for you


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