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StemWave is a regenerative medicine technique that utilizes harmless, yet powerful acoustic waves to activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. This new technology is designed to help patients with musculoskeletal conditions by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. As a safe non-invasive option, it doesn’t require any downtime and has minimal or no side-effects.

Common Treatment areas

Neck & Back Conditions
Upper Extremities

(shoulder, elbow, wrist)
Lower Extremities
(knee, ankle, foot)
Soft Tissue Injuries
(muscles, tendons, ligaments)


Improves circulation
Decreases inflammation
Promotes natural healing
Alleviates/Relieves aches and pains
Non-invasive and drug-free

Is it an option?

StemWave's versatility makes it a great option for a wide-variety of patients and conditions. It has shown to be an effective alternative to surgery, injections or medications


Initial Visit $49

Follow Up $80


10 sessions for $720


Call to book a session


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