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Elevate movement

Fitness elevated to the next level by connecting with your body, mind and God. Research has shown when you move your body new neural pathways are created. New ideas and thoughts are conceived. The joy God designed his people to experience is present when we live in community and allow our bodies and hearts to be healthy and whole. We can love others better when we are healthy and whole. Brittany Gohl, PTA, CPT is a Physical Therapist Assistant and certified Personal Trainer who will lead classes and one on one sessions and will ensure modifications are made for all ages and fitness levels.


Elevate your fitness and faith.

Personal Training

Brittany Gohl, PTA, CPT

Brittany has extensive knowledge of developing customized training to support weight loss and improve physical well-being. She is able to adapt plans to meet specific health needs, including ones for those with limited mobility, sports injuries, and preexisting conditions.

She is skilled at creating a positive training environment where clients feel comfortable and empowered.

She is a Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist to help pregnant and postpartum women safely move and keep their body healthy.

Brittany is currently on maternity leave and will be accepting new clients in Winter of 2023.


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